5 or 7 Quart Dutch Oven

5 or 7 Quart Dutch Oven- Which One to Pick?

Let us guess, you’re planning to get a new dutch oven for your household. Among many other models, you’re stuck between 5 and 7-quart ovens. Well, both of these are quite famous and reliable.

Now, which one is perfect for you, 5 or 7 quart dutch oven?

Both of the dutch ovens serve individual needs. Like, a 5-quart oven is perfect for a 4-member family and a 7-quart is for special occasions. You can cook almost everything in the 7-quart one. The serving proportion also creates a difference between these two utensils. And, 7-quart is more pricy than the other one.

This was just a sneak peek. We’ll discuss each distinction broadly in our upcoming segments.

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5 vs 7-quart Dutch Oven: Short Overview

There are a variety of dutch ovens available in the stores. So, it becomes difficult to choose among the best ones. 

Hence, before deciding, you must go through the basic distinctions first. Don’t worry. The process is as easy as thickening ranch dressing.

Before diving into the detailed section, we suggest having a look at this chart given below-

Feature5-quart Dutch Oven7-quart Dutch Oven
Servings (12 oz. bowls)1014
Good ForOne-dish wondersFeeding a crowd
Where To Get ItBuy From AmazonBuy From Amazon

Now, you’ve got the initial knowledge about what we’re gonna discuss in the next segment.

5 vs 7 quart Dutch Oven: Head-To-Head Comparison!

By now, we’ve got the basic information from the table. But we totally understand this much information isn’t sufficient enough to finalize your dutch oven. 

Hence, we’re trying to compare both dutch ovens in a broader way with easy words.

Now, let’s begin our detailed discussion-


We’ll start with the capacity level of each two dutch ovens. Both 5 and 7-quarts describe their quantity level through their measurements. 

Two of these dutch ovens have different dimensions. Probably a question is hovering in your mind, is 5-quart dutch oven big enough? Well, 5-quart contains a dimension of 12.56” L x 10.43” W x 7.14” T. 

Now, the second thought is definitely how big is a 7-quart dutch oven? 7-quart has a dimension of 14.68″ L x 12.81″ W x 7.12″ T.

You’ll notice two different shapes of dutch ovens in the market. In which, one is oval and another is round. Among these two shapes, chefs prefer using the wide and short oval ones.

 Round Shaped 7 quart Dutch Oven

Because it gives you a bigger cooking surface. So that you can easily watch and steer your dish. Whereas, the tall and narrow round dutch ovens might give you the desired depth while cooking. 

Oval Shaped 7 quart Dutch Oven

For your ease, here are some of our picks from all the categories. 

5 quart Dutch OvenRoundPick Yours Now!
5 quart Dutch OvenOvalPick Yours Now!
7 quart Dutch OvenRound Pick Yours Now!
7 quart Dutch OvenOvalPick Yours Now!

You may have already figured it out. But I’m gonna go ahead and say it! The 7-quart dutch oven can hold a larger amount of food than a 5-quart cast iron dutch oven

When your only need is to cook for a few people, get yourself a 5-quart dutch oven. But, when you’re planning for a family dinner party, then 7-quarts is more suitable.

Winner: Capacity wise 7-quart wins. 


You can easily guess from both of their capacity that 5-quart dutch oven can serve fewer people. Contradictorily, 7-quart can easily serve a bunch of people. 

More precisely, here’s a chart to for you to get an idea about the serving for different dutch ovens

Measurement5 quart Dutch Oven7 quart Dutch Oven
12 oz. per bowl10 people14 people
8 oz. per bowl15 people21 people

An often asked question is, what size dutch oven is for a whole chicken? No doubt, 7-quart is an ideal choice for roasting a whole chicken. But what can you do if it’s not a chicken but a turkey?

Well, you can always get a bigger dutch oven. On that note, Lodge’s 8 quart dutch oven can do that job for you.

Winner: Feeding proportion wise 7-quart wins this round. 


In the cooking process, experts always suggest using a heavier dutch oven to get a better result. A dutch oven can resist high heat. So, it is important to have a thick coating to protect its capacity.

A 7-quart dutch oven is around 18.1 lbs compared to that, 5-quart is only 12.78 lbs. Weight-wise 7-quart is quite fast-forwarded than 5-quart. And it might seem that light ovens are more user-friendly. 

Well, that’s true because it’s easier to operate the lighter dutch oven. But the issue with a lighter dutch oven is its thin surface. The thin surface will be less resistive to heat which affects its durability.

You’ll notice a few cracks on your dutch oven or on the lead without proper protection. 

On the other hand, thickness helps the pot to absorb the heat better than any other light pot. 

Heavy dutch ovens contain a thicker surface which helps the food from getting scorched. And as you may guess, cleaning a scorched surface is annoying. It can be as annoying as a stinky turkey.

But hey! Anything can be cleaned if you scrub it efficiently. Here are some cast iron scrubbers which’ll help you to get rid of the scorched filth.

Winner: 7-quart is heavier, hence it gets one point!


Now, let’s come to the most important issue. If you know your needs you can effortlessly decide the right one. 

The dutch oven is known as the most reliable utensil in your kitchen. People use it almost every day to cook certain dishes.

Source: Country Living Magazine

At a get-together party, there will be all your family and friends. Therefore, your plan will be to prepare something delicious. In that case, 7-quart can feed a whole bunch of crowds through this one utensil. 

The question is, what can you cook in a 7-quart dutch oven?

You can cook almost anything and everything on that pot. Such as mac-cheese, scalloped potatoes, short ribs, seafood stew, bread, even roast chicken! It’s known as the best size butch oven for bread too.

But, if the main concern is cooking regular meals for your family, choose 5-quart. It’s a regular size dutch oven but really handy. 

Common recipes for a 5-quart dutch oven are- 

Winner: Purpose wise you can’t decide one. You can pick any of them according to your need.


Last but not least, what’s the price of a 5-quart and 7-quart dutch oven?

Well, as the size differs, the price will differ too. Among these two pots, 7-quart is more expensive for its capacity and durability. It will cost you around  $80-$350. 

If you have enough budget, get yourself this one. Trust us! You won’t regret it.

However, 5-quart is more of a budget-friendly dutch oven with only $40-$350. For a buyer on a budget, it is definitely a great option.

Winner: Regardlessly 5-quarts wins.

Final Verdict

As you see, a 7-quart dutch oven has more privileges than a 5-quart. It has a bigger capacity and can serve a whole bunch of people. Moreover, you can prepare almost every sort of dish in it.

It’s heavier as well. So, it ensures the food’s quality in its best possible way. Even if it’s expensive but worth buying. If you have a deep-dive pocket, you should go with this one.

Oppositely, when you’re concerned about what size dutch oven for a family of 4? The answer is a 5-quart cast iron dutch oven. Moreover, if you’re on a budget this one’s the obvious choice for you.

But at the end of the day, the decision is up to you. 

Here, I am providing a list of some renowned dutch oven brands. This list might help you to find the perfect one among the bests-

5 Quart Dutch Oven Buy From AmazonBuy From Amazon
7 Quart Dutch OvenBuy From AmazonBuy From Amazon

That’s all for today. 


How to count the right size dutch oven for me? 

Generally, you can count the right size as one quart per person. One quart is more or less efficient for one person. So, if you’re cooking for your family, count the heads first and buy accordingly. But when your need is a bigger dutch oven for a get-together, choose between 7-9 quarts. 

How heat resistant is my dutch oven?

Well, dutch oven producers say a dutch oven can easily resist 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, dutch ovens are built with oven-proof materials. But be aware! The knob on the lid often has a heat limit below 400º. If you switch the knob with a black phenolic knob, it is safe up to 500º.

Why are dishes getting burnt on the bottom while cooking in a dutch oven? 

The first and foremost reason behind burnt food is overheating. Mostly, dutch ovens are safe up to 400º. But when you cross that limit, your food will get burnt. Also, it’ll damage the pot as well. Try to cook in low to medium heat and cook for a longer period of time. Then you’ll face no burning issue. 


Let’s get apart here. We’ve tried to explain almost everything about your concerned issue. Hopefully, you can now decide between a 5 or 7-quart dutch oven effortlessly.

We’ll suggest, if you have don’t have a tight budget, go with 7-quart. Trust us! It will fulfill all purposes hassle-freely.

Have a good day!

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