When to Inject Turkey

When to Inject Turkey? [4 Facts to Know]

Injecting turkey is a very famous method to keep the turkey meat juicier and flavourful. You can use different kinds of liquid-like, butter, wine, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, etc to inject your turkey. These will add taste to your turkey.

But when to inject turkey?

You should inject the turkey before cooking it. The time of injecting depends on the process you will cook it. Like, frying, baking, roasting, smoking, etc. The time’s different for all these. Like, for frying you should do it before 5 minutes or a day. For smoking, you can do it before 24 hours.

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Thawing Out Turkey Before Injecting

Before injecting any turkey, you need to thaw out your frozen turkey first. Do you know how to thaw a turkey?

You can thaw your turkey in many ways. But be careful before you choose this way. Because it will help you to keep the turkey away from the germs and make your cooking process faster.

Source: blackberrybabe.com

Here I have explained three ways. Through these ways, you can thaw your turkey faster. After thawing your turkey, you can inject your turkey.

Let’s begin.

Through Refrigerator

You can thaw your turkey easily by keeping them in the refrigerators. For every 4 to 5 lbs turkey, you need to keep them for almost 24 hours to thaw them. For a bigger one, it will take more time.

Through Cold Water

Do you know how to thaw a turkey in cold water? 

Well, this is a very fast process to thaw out a turkey. Keep the turkey in a big container and place them under running cold water. Change the water from the container every 30 minutes.

Through Microwave

Before you start this process, check the size of your oven and ensure that your turkey will fit through it. Then check the power level and the time to thaw your turkey. 

Unwrap your turkey and place it in the microwave. Set the needed time in the defrost function. In most cases, it takes only 6 minutes. Flip and rotate the turkey in between the processes.

Now you know all the ways of thawing a turkey. It’s time to know the timing of injecting them.

4 Timings to Inject Turkey

Who doesn’t love to enjoy having a turkey? It’s always a great dish for any kind of party like thanksgiving. That is why the flavour of turkey is a very important factor.  

By injecting a turkey, you can make it tastier. Because you can add a lot of flavours like beef stew, chicken stew, or anything else in a liquid form.

It even makes the texture of the turkey moist. If you see, there is too much pepper in your beef stew, make sure to fix that as well.

Here I have recommended some flavour injectors for you.

Try them out to get a nice, precise injection!

You can find many best turkey injection recipes online. First, you need to thaw out the turkey like the steps I have mentioned.  You should also know that you need to inject the turkey before cooking. The timing of injecting a turkey can make the taste better.

Source: dadcooksdinner.com

But when is the best time to inject a turkey? Actually, it depends on the process of cooking it. Here I have explained all the timings to inject the turkey depending on 4 different cooking processes.

Hop on to know them!

For Frying

Frying is a famous choice for many people to cook a turkey. You can also inject the turkey before frying it. But when to inject turkey before frying?

In the case of frying, you can infuse your turkey from 5 minutes to 24 hours before frying the turkey. The turkey will taste better if you can cook it for about 2 hours before frying. The case is the same for deep frying too.

Make sure to fry the turkey at 175 degrees C. You can also check if your turkey has been fried properly or not by using a meat thermometer. Take almost 15 minutes to rest the turkey before slicing it.

For Smoking

Smoking a turkey is best for any kind of outdoor party. You can also inject a turkey before smoking it. Well, when to inject a turkey before smoking?

You need to inject your turkey 24 hours before smoking it out. You can’t inject it close to the timer before cooking. You need to inject it before a day so that all flavours can get through it properly.

You should also ensure that the temperature of the turkey is set at 225 degrees C. You should also cook the turkey on the rack of the gas grill smoker box for about 8 to 12 hours. You can also check the temperature of the turkey through a thermometer.  

For Roasting

Roasted turkey is so delicious that it can get finished within a very short time. Like all other ways of cooking a turkey, you can add flavours to your turkey before roasting it through an injector. 

Well, do you know when to inject a turkey before roasting it?

You should inject a turkey at least 12 hours before roasting it. So those flavours can sit through the turkey. 

Here are some important tips about roasting a turkey.

Roast the turkey from 350 degrees to 425 degrees. It depends on the size of the turkey. The roasting time of the turkey will take 13 minutes per pound of the turkey. Now calculate the time according to the size of your turkey.

For Baking

Baking is always a famous way of cooking a turkey. It is a very easy and obstacle-less way. Injecting your turkey is also applicable for baking it. But when to inject turkey before baking?

You can infuse the turkey for several hours before baking it. It can be 8 to 12 hours. The more time you will give after injecting, the more it will taste better after baking.

Source: oxo.com

Here are some important things that you should know before baking it. You should preheat your oven at the temperature of 450 degrees F. Then after placing the turkey turn down the heat to 350 degrees F. It will be best if you place the turkey upside down.

That’s all. Now you know very well when to inject turkey before cooking. Go through the article to know all the details.


What should you do when you smoke a turkey in a smoker?

There are some things you need to make sure of. First, set the temperature of the smoker around 225° to 240° F by smoking wood. Prepare extra wood if necessary. Now place the turkey in the position side down on the smoker grate. Now smoke it for at least one hour by maintaining the temperature.

What does it mean to Brine your turkey?

Let’s first know what bringing is. Brining is a solution made with water and salt. Brining a turkey means that you need to submerge your turkey in that solution for at least a day. This is a very famous way to keep your turkey moist and stop it from drying out during the time of roasting.

Why should you use cooking spray during the time of smoking the turkey?

You can use cooking spray during the time of smoking the turkey. By using this, you can directly spray apple juice, chicken stock, and diluted apple cider vinegar on the turkey. As a result, it will add more flavours to the turkey. You can also baste these options directly on the turkey too.


Hoping that you know now very well when to Inject Turkey. Follow the timing so that you can make your turkey more delicious.

It’s time to say goodbye. I would be happy if you let me know how your turkey has turned out.

Until then, enjoy your delicious turkey!

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