What Size Heating Element for a Smoker

What Size Heating Element for a Smoker [Explained]

People before buying smokers often get into trouble. Set up a summer night BBQ but confused in between several smokers? Additionally, what size of heat element do you prefer?

We got you! There will be endless discussions to go ahead. But here we go exploring the heating element size of smokers.

So, what size heating element for a smoker you should consider?

Smokers come with a larger type, so do their heating measurements and capacities. However, most users suggest a 1000 watt hot plate to fit in there. Nevertheless, BTU heating calculators also measure how much heat your smoker is required. So, focusing on aspects carrying heating values is vital. 

In the end, you will have an overall idea to pick ideal smokers. It also includes heating element sizes indeed. 

So, shall we begin?

Top Smoker Types

Before going to what size heating element for a smoker, you should know the types. Later, you will get the gist of which one you should prefer!

Offset Smokers

Generally, offset smokers containing dual chambers are one of the popular smoker options. The chambers maintain a slit to get separated between the two. 

Meanwhile, the main chamber gets ample space to be grilled. Place your soggy wood or coals into this chamber. And that’s it! 

Source: horizonbbqsmokers.com

Your offset smoker sets off grilling! This classic smoking tool comes with cost-effective pricing.

Anyway, let us keep you touring to its anatomy now! It includes-

  • Smoke Stack Carrying Exhaust Damper
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Grill Grates
  • Air Inlet
  • Firebox
  • Main Smoke Chamber
  • Storage Shelf 

Looking for good offset smokers below $1500? Here you go!

Electric Smoker

As the title suggests, running an electric barbecue smoker depends on electricity. No other fuel may be found suitable to get in. 

Wooden chips, chunks are quite smart options to place near this smoker’s heating zone. However, fewer complaints regarding temperature control happen here. 

Along with that, buying a standard quality thermometer will keep it under control. 

It’s time to explore its functionalities-

  • More than 12 unique types are available in its wood bisquettes.
  • During cold or damp conditions, the generator is removable for capacities.
  • Smoke diffusers are available.
  • Bringing improvement to its insulated design.
  • Multi-rack facilities for providing different food to smoke at a time.

Charcoal Smoker

It comes with affordable pricing and the commitment to provide several flavors. In terms of keeping a constant temperature, the charcoal smoker does the best adjustments. 

However, if you are interested in removing smoke flavor from meat, you can do that as well.

It carries a ‘minion’ formula igniting a specific share of charcoal in the venthole. However, wind momentum, deluge, outside temperature, etc., are the key factors carrying this formula better. 

For example, almost 20 coal briquettes keep the grill nicer during warmer conditions. Whereas, 20 to 40 briquettes are a must for windy environments. Meanwhile, rainy weather may ask for more than 40 to 60 briquettes.

Here’s everything in the anatomy of a charcoal smoker.

  • Exhaust Damper
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Lid
  • Upper and Lower Grate
  • Water Boiling System
  • Smoke Chamber
  • Charcoal Pan
  • Base Pan
  • Intake Dampers, etc.

Source: madibarestaurant.com

What Is The Heating Element?

Smokers usually get into different categories depending on how they built heat. For instance, several heating tools such as hardwood, electricity, gas, coals, etc., can be used. 

So, based on the interaction with electric heat sources, you can explore varieties of smokers. 

Heat diffusion and unchanging heat distribution- both are critical for any smoker. Carrying these features is a must for each full-fledged smoker, whether it’s electric or gas-driven. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best heating element in the market:

These heating elements are compatible with most smokers and will fit perfectly in them.

Heating accuracy holds significance for grilling. So, you might not want any issues with the heating element or unit, right? 

Meanwhile, you may get into jeopardy seeing variety in slot ventilation, heat settings, etc.

Size of Heating Element For 100 Lbs Smokers 

Approximately, its dimension can be 15″ L x 4″ D x 4″ W. This smoker brings a stainless steel frame. 

The voltage it produces is almost 220V along with heating power staying almost 5000W.

Size of Heating Element For 20 Lbs Smokers

It will be approximately 7 1/4″ in diameter. Meanwhile, you will get 1000 watts along with a voltage of 110V. 

Interestingly, these specifications stay the same for the 30 lbs smokers also.

Meanwhile, varieties of heating elements also depend on the appearance of different brands. Let’s look at some specific smoker models closely.

WADEO Electric Smoker

This Wadeo electric smoker is available along with standard grill heating element replacement facilities. Additionally, Wadeo is to be in service of providing control of the convertible Thermostat Cord.

Its heating element comes classy as you will find standard quality stainless steel. Along with that, the power supply is controlled through top-notch quality rubber cases. UL certification on each wire you will see here. 

Source: ubuy.fi

Varying from brand to brand, heating elements include around 110 volts. However, the heating element power goes up to 1500 watts. 

As a result, the modifiable temperature range starts from 50 Fahrenheit and ends up to 400F. But it really depends on how bigger your smoker is!

Interestingly, it’s one of the varieties- 40 inches Electric Digital Control Smoker carries 1200 Watts. 

However, the 30 inches Electric Smoker comes with 800 Watts as the MasterBuilt heating element.

Unifit Electric Smoker

Coming from a renowned manufacturer- Lear, it fits mostly outdoor cooking. Also known as an electric grill maker, you will find an exceptional heating element system

Having an adjustable temperature controller makes it user-friendly. Meanwhile, this analog controller comes with 120 volts and 15A. 

In-depth specification shows that the temperature range moves from around 150 to 550 Fahrenheit. You will get 120V along with UL certification. Besides, 1650 Watts keeps this heating element more efficient. 

Along with that, SJTOW certifies this smoker for having AWG #14 hefty meters of power. Nevertheless, an easy installation process keeps users engaged.

Want to compare another with an electric smoker? Make sure to know the comparison between propane and electric smoker.


Can I use charcoal for my electric hot smoker?

Yes, you can add coal anytime to hot smokers. In order to store wooden chips, each electrical smoker comes with inner trays. So, it’s quite simple to put coals inside the tray. As smokers are used to adding flavors, it can be a good option. Ordinary coals can burn meals at the proper temperature.

Does an electric smoker work like an oven?

Yes, it is more than that we must say. Until your guests are coming, electrical smokers bring your meals prepared. Unlike general ovens, you will get a burst of flavors. By adding up the charcoal you want, smokers heat at their best. If you stay happy without smoking, then avoid wood chips.

Can I smoke while wood chips are absent?

If you are using other fuel resources, then wood chips are barely an important tool. Yes, it makes smoking better as well as your meal. However, ignitions or smoke productions are possible through charcoal or other pellets. Carrying an electric smoker? Then, chips are just another common tool!

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you got what size heating element for a smoker. We tried heat and soul letting you know size variations of heating elements. 

So, next time while purchasing a new one, less trouble you may face!

Do you think we missed spelling out any particular smoker? Let us know!

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