Best R. Murphy Knives Reviews: Elite 5

R. Murphy Knives has been handcrafting kitchen cutting tools in the United States since 1850. Longevity isn’t something that happens by chance. Of course, you can look through the brand’s catalog if you need more proof.

Well, currently, the brand only has two “chef” knives — one that’s 6 inches long and the other that’s 8 inches long, with both 1095 carbon steel blades as well as stabilized Honduran rosewood handlebars. 

Guess what? They’re both incredible, especially considering their low prices. 

Added to that, the R. Murphy knives come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs, so it’s always a great decision to hold that one in your hand to get a sense of how it feels. 

Here, the handle should be soft and comfortable to grasp. And the blades should be strong enough to shatter open even for the most difficult shells.

Here in this article we provided the best r murphy knives review and tried to give a full-fledged idea of them. Honestly, R. murphy knives are best for oyster shucking. 

But, you can also use these for other activities. After a review of these best products, we also provide a buying guide that will help you to make your purchase decision.

Let’s get into details, starting with a small comparisons table-

Comparison Table

R. Murphy/Ramelson – Jackson Bar Knife 

Product Overview

Having a dependable knife behind the bar will undoubtedly come in handy. We’re presenting the best of this brand! We’ve loved this knife because it makes slicing limes and other components for drinks a breeze. 

To make it easier at manoeuvering, the knife must have the appropriate blade and handle length. Guess what? This knife has exactly that! 

The “R. Murphy/Ramelson – Jackson Bar Knife” is the first knife ever built with the professional bartender in mind. This is done thanks to a collaboration between R. Murphy Knives & award-winning mixologist Jackson Cannon. 

Worried about slicing and dicing? When you pick the “R. Murphy/Ramelson – Jackson Bar Knife”, it will not be an issue. This knife was created exclusively for bar chores, as the name implies. It’s perfect for home bars, but it’s also solid and durable enough for commercial use.

Also, this particular model has a one-of-a-kind square tip. This tip was created specifically for slotting citrus so it could be used as a garnish. Using this trick, you may quickly and easily remove seeds from the fruit.

Again, the razor-sharp edge of the carbon-based stainless steel is specifically honed. You can be confident that the edge will stay sharp for such a long time. 

Here, the blade shield is also included to safeguard the blade when such a knife is not used. In addition, the blade has been developed to withstand all sorts of corrosion. This includes acid corrosion, which can be induced by slicing citrus fruits on a regular basis. 

More importantly. this bar knife is simple to clean and only requires a moist towel to do so.


  • Stainless steel with a high carbon content blade.
  • The square point is a one-of-a-kind feature.
  • Ergonomic design on the handle.
  • It keeps its sharpness well.
  • Sheath for the knife is supplied.


  • Not recommended for ice cutting.

R. Murphy/Ramelson Oyster Knife Shucker 

Product Overview

“R Murphy/Ramelson Oyster Knife Shucker” is a great wood-handled shucker. The oyster knife “The New Haven” is as beautiful as it is swift and efficient to use. 

Here, this is a handcrafted knife that is appropriate for both professional and casual shuckers.

Also, this is a fantastic oyster knife for a lot of reasons. It’s the one without a curved tip, which is a terrific design element. First, the curved tip provides good leverage while opening the hinges. And second, the point tends to actually ride inside of the oyster.

This makes it simpler to avoid harming the meat. Apart from that, the knife has a small 2 5/8″ blade since lengthier blades flex or break when pressure is applied.  

Here, the bent blade tip, often known as a “New Haven Tip,” makes it suitable for breaking open oyster shells and working inside the oyster hinge. 

R. Murphy Co. in the United States of America UJ Ramelson’s private label. It features an upturned tip that readily passes through oyster hinges. And, its wood handle seems like an extension of your hand, and the blade doesn’t bend, making cutting around hinges quite simple without chipping.

Also, when you hold it, it’s also supposed to feel light and comfortable inside the hand. Because of these advantages, this knife is preferred for all-day oyster shucking activities. Make oyster shucking a pleasurable experience rather than a chore.


  • Well-balanced and lightweight inside the hand.
  • Handles come in a range of forms to suit individual preferences.
  • This blade is impressively designed and completed quickly.
  • These knives have been well made and long-lasting.
  • The Blade is both durable and robust.


  • The knife tip is a little thicker.

R. Murphy/Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife

Product Overview

The “R. Murphy/Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife” is a multi-purpose tool with the perfect blade, handle, and grip for handling top-tier oysters.

Here, the shiny 420 HC carbon-based stainless steel blades have a hard-pointed tip that eases into the hinges of an oyster with minimal force. And the greater materials were utilized to ensure that this excellent knife will last a long time! 

So you won’t have to worry about maintaining your hold on slick surfaces while opening and shucking your beloved oysters with this useful knife.

This knife has a lovely ‘Murphy Green’ polypropylene plastic grip. Furthermore, it is meant to be light and well-balanced in the hand. This makes life far more wonderful for any event. 

On top of all this, it’s simple to wash by hands and dry them thoroughly. Do not put it inside the dishwasher since it may be ruined


  • It’s a delicate material that’s also simple to deal with.
  • Best for the price and handle tiny to medium oysters, 
  • This blade is impressively designed.
  • These knives are long-lasting.
  • The blade is durable.


  • It can be a little costly.

R. Murphy/Ramelson Wellfleet Oyster Knife 

Product Overview

The oyster knife “The Wellfleet Shucker” is as attractive as it is functional. This handcrafted knife is appropriate for both professional and casual shuckers. These knives are part of our well-known New England Shuckers trio.

Here, Stainless steel is the preferred choice for blades. Even though you wouldn’t need an extremely sharp edge when opening seafood, it uses properly hardened, honed, and finished carbon-based stainless steel.

And, it’s used for oyster knives, which are pointed and sharp but durable and take minimal power to slide between the shell at the hinge. Here, the oyster is yours with a simple wrist twist and a swift incision of the abductor’s muscle.

Because lengthier blades flex or break when pressure is applied, this knife has a small 2 5/8″ blade. Also, the sharp blade tip is great for breaking open oyster shells and working inside the oyster hinge.

Also, the handle of this oyster knife is constructed of thick hand-polished African Rosewood. When using mesh gloves or applying pressure, the knife is simple to hold. Brass welded to a full tang of Bubinga, vacuum injected for further stability & water resistance.

It’s also supposed to feel light and smooth inside the hand. Because of these advantages, this knife is preferred for all-day oyster shucking activities. Make oyster shucking enjoyable rather than laborious.


  • Sharp but durable, and takes minimal power to slide
  • The handle is constructed of thick hand-polished African Rosewood
  • Lightweight and smooth inside the hand.


  • The price is a little higher.

R. Murphy Damariscotta Oyster Knife 

Product Overview

Presenting the last knife on the list. Here, the “R. Murphy Damariscotta Oyster Knife” has won our hearts because it’s sharp enough. For this reason, the knife is perfect if you’re casually using it or even going for it professionally. 

Another impressive thing about this knife is that both the wood and the brass are polished by hand. This emphasizes the smoothness and beauty of the wood and the brilliance and gleam of the brass. 

Here, the manufacturers have used properly hardened, ground, and finished carbon-based stainless steel for our oyster knife. This is pointed and sharp while remaining strong and takes minimal power to slide between the shell at the hinge.

Besides this, the knife has a short 2 ⅝” blade even though longer razors will flex or decelerate when users apply pressure. The handle of this oyster knife is constructed of strong African Rosewood. While wearing netting gloves and applying pressure, the knife is simple to hold.

Lastly, it’s lightweight and you’ll feel smoothness when you hold it. So, it doesn’t create options for fatigue to take place. Rather, you’ll enjoy holding this knife and working for a long period of time. Honestly, this is a great product for weight balance. 


  • Fast and efficient to use.
  • The handle provides a secure grip.
  • Lightweight and smooth.
  • Appropriate for expert shuckers as well as casual shuckers
  • The blade is sharp to cut through easily.


  • It’s possible that it will become clogged.

Buying Guide

Before buying a product, it’s a must to have some fundamental idea about that product. If not very specific and advanced info, some ground knowledge helps a lot. 

Therefore we added this part where we have discussed some of the generic buying factors. These will help you to choose the best product for yourself from ample available options. So, let’s dive into it-

Blade Design 

The blade is the major part of the knife that determines its performance. Choosing a perfectly designed blade for a specific purpose makes your work easier. Hence we always suggest checking out the blade design thoroughly. 

Some blades are designed for fruit cutting, some are entirely differently designed made for meat cutting. In the same way, there are fillet knives and there are steak cutting knives as well. All of them are designed differently as per their use. 

So we suggest choosing an R Murphy knife according to your usage. Don’t forget to pick the perfect design for your desired purpose. 

Handle Material 

Handle material directly affects the durability and comfort of working. A well-made knife handle will last long and make your purchase worthwhile. 

But only choosing a durable one isn’t wise at all. You should also look out for easy grip and comfortable usage as well. Some handles have an ergonomic handle design. That gives the user the ultimate ease of use. 

So choosing a good handle will help you to hold the knife properly. It reduces the pain that occurs from holding a poorly designed knife. Hence we suggest being careful in this regard. 


This is just natural that when someone is investing in a product they will expect good durability. Hence the concern of long-lastingness comes. 

When a buyer is looking for his/her desired product, we suggest researching the durability. The lifetime of a product and its service speaks a lot about it. So don’t forget to check this important factor. 


Looking out for the price before buying a product is a must. Everyone has some budget of their own. This constraint can’t be avoided. Hence we recommend checking out the prices before finalizing. 

You can shortlist your favorite products and then compare their service for their price. This helps to choose the best affordable product for yourself. Also saves you from bleeding your pocket on something useless.


Is it necessary for me to have a sharp oyster knife?

The best oyster knives have a sharpened edge and are small enough to pry apart complicated hinges. Look for blades that are at least three inches to provide you the most leverage while opening shellfish delicacies!

Is the tip of the R Murphy/Ramelson New Haven Oyster Knife Shucker (Regular) sharp?

No, it’s not razor-sharp, but it’s stiff-angled enough to cut oysters from their shells.

If I don’t have an oyster knife, what can I do?

The cupped side of the oysters is placed down on a grill pan or skillet. In the event of an accident, make sure they possess liquid spit as well as steam escaping from them, then close them tightly prior to actually heating up and avoiding injury!

Final Words

Though most of the R. murphy knives are used for oyster shucking. But you use them for different purposes too. Whatever your purpose is, buying the Best R. Murphy Knives is important. Hopefully, you got the idea after seeing our best R. Murphy knives review.

Here in this article, we tried to give a proper review of the 5 best R. murphy knives. You can pick any of these five. And if you don’t want these. Don’t be concerned! Our purchasing guide will assist you in selecting the perfect one for your needs. Goodbye!

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