Best Potatoes for Vichyssoise: A Detailed Guide 

We all know how mouth-watering and delicious Vichyssoise is! But what we often forget is the quality of its main ingredients. Potatoes are one of the main ingredients in this. Thus, you need to make sure you get this right.

So, what are the best potatoes for Vichyssoise?

Round white potatoes can be one of the best potato variants for Vichyssoise. Russet and purple potatoes are also great for this too. If you want, you may also use gold potatoes for this. Finally, new red potatoes and fingerling potatoes are famous for this too.

This is a very generic overview of what you want to know. But you can get all the detailed information in our article. Read along.

So, let’s just dive in to satisfy our appetite!

What Are the Best Potatoes for Vichyssoise?

You already have an idea that potatoes are crucial for Vichyssoise. And you can not just plan to take any random type of potatoes for this.


So, what potatoes are the best for Vichyssoise? Well, there are a couple of potato types that go best with this. 

Take a look here to know about them in detail.

Type 1: Round White Potatoes

These are waxy spherical potatoes. These can also be called white potatoes with minimal starch content. 

After boiling, they keep their shape more than other potatoes. This gives them the perk to be one of the best Vichyssoise potatoes.

And these potatoes are great to cut with either 9cr18mov or VG10 knives

Type 2: Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes have a light, mealy feel and are heavy in starch. They’re ideal for potato salad, roast potatoes, and French fries. 

And those are the best potatoes to use in baked Vichyssoise without a doubt.

Type 3: Purple Potatoes

Purple potatoes are moderate starched potatoes with yellow-like characteristics. You may also choose an alternative Instead of mashing them as a thickening. 

That is, you may use them diced in Vichyssoise for the finest look. However, you might also like the color of this purple potato Vichyssoise as well. 

Purple potatoes provide an antioxidant benefit that white potatoes don’t have. Thus, this gives an extra perk to these potatoes to prepare Vichyssoise.


Type 4: Gold Potatoes

Gold potatoes are all-purpose potatoes with moderate starch content. They have more liquid than potatoes with high starch content. 

In some ways, these potatoes are comparable to russets. They don’t come apart as quickly due to the dampness. 

These are a fantastic alternative for Vichyssoise. And that calls for mashing a portion of the potato to deepen the sauce. The remainder might be left in pieces.

Remember that these potatoes are easy to cut with knives. No matter if you use either 8 or 9-inch knives, cutting these is simple.

Type 5: New Red Potatoes

New red potatoes are comparable to round white potatoes in terms of quality. These, too, could be used in a variety of ways. 

If you want a pop of color from the skin, go for new red potatoes. These potatoes can undoubtedly drive the flavor of your Vichyssoise.

Type 6: Fingerling Potatoes

Vichyssoise brings out the finest in fingerling potatoes by emphasizing their distinctive shape and dimensions. 

Keep the skin on any big potatoes and cut them in half. You may have them in Vichyssoise or sauces with a broth basis.

So, these are some best potatoes for Vichyssoise that you may want to use. Because these can enhance the taste and flavor of your Vichyssoise significantly.

Now, if you wonder can I buy Vichyssoise, the answer is yes. But you might not like the quality with the expense you had to buy this.


What Is Different in Vichyssoise Than Other Normal Soups?

Well, Vichyssoise can not be called an ordinary soup. Because this might look like soup but it is a bit different. So, how is Vichyssoise different?

Vichyssoise is different from soup as it is prepared with potatoes only. However, ordinary soup can be cooked with any kind of meat or other liquid.

But you can not just take the liquid of any food and make Vichyssoise. Rather, you can only prepare this using specific ingredients like potatoes. 

You would even have to be a little choosy while selecting potatoes for this. With this, the other ingredients you may need are onions and chicken.

Not to forget that there is another big difference in Vichyssoise. That is, this is generally served at room temperature or cold.

But soup is served hot to get the best flavor and taste. Thus, these significances make Vichyssoise different from the regular soup or potato leek soup.

Is It Okay To Use Random Potato Type for Vichyssoise?

Well, you might use any random potato for your Vichyssoise if it is an emergency. But do you know what would be the difference then? 

You would not get the authentic taste of Vichyssoise. If you are preparing it for the first time, your impression would even change.

You would not understand how delicious Vichyssoise can be. Because Vichyssoise mainly depends on potatoes.

Potatoes make the difference between Vichyssoise vs potato leek soup.

As a result, taking ideal potatoes for Vichyssoise is quite essential. The taste and flavor of Vichyssoise significantly depend on the quality of potatoes.

So, it is better not to take random potatoes for this.

Can I Serve Anything with Vichyssoise?

Vichyssoise is great by itself. But it could be even more appetizing when you have an add-on. So, what to serve with Vichyssoise?

Well, you could serve several common items with this. The first thing you may want to serve with it is fried chicken strips. But make sure the strips are not that big.

You may also have grilled sandwiches, mashed cauliflower, or bread stuffed with cheese. These are great to serve with Vichyssoise

These would work if you want to enhance the taste with an add-on.


For making the perfect Vichyssoise we all know in love, unsalted butter is an essential element. Here are our top picks on the best-unsalted butter brands you can grab:

Bring the best out of your recipe with these unsalted butter brands!

How Long Will I Able to Preserve Vichyssoise?

You already know that Vichyssoise is great being served cold. But that does not mean that you can preserve it for months. 

You may keep it in a container inside the fridge for about a week at max. But going beyond that would spoil the taste of Vichyssoise.

Thus, we do not recommend preserving Vichyssoise for more than a week.


Is It Okay to Give Unpeeled Potatoes in Vichyssoise?

No, you must make sure you give no unpeeled potatoes in your Vichyssoise. Peeled potatoes are needed when you want to prepare Vichyssoise. This is because the peel of the potatoes can change the color of the Vichyssoise. In addition to that, the flavor would even become kind of bitter as well.

Can I Use Potatoes from the Freezer to Make Vichyssoise?

Yes, you may use potatoes from the freezer to make Vichyssoise. But one thing you want to make sure of is the quality of it. Like, potatoes from the freezer might not be that fresh at times. So, this might kind of hamper the flavor of your Vichyssoise. Thus, it is better to use fresh potatoes.

Can I Freeze My Vichyssoise?

Yes, you can freeze your Vichyssoise if you want. But it is better not to do it if it is not an emergency. Because the Vichyssoise might get dried up once you freeze it. And then the taste would just go away. This would feel like wasting the entire Vichyssoise you prepared.

The Final Words

Now you know which are the best potatoes for Vichyssoise! Take your time to choose the best!

Remember one thing! Try not to make your potatoes wet before you prepare Vichyssoise. Because this can make it seem like stale food. And you wouldn’t like it anyway.

All the best in preparing Vichyssoise!

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