Best Place To Buy Wood For Smoking

Best Place To Buy Wood For Smoking: 3 Different Options

When you plan to throw a BBQ party at your place,  what’s your biggest concern? Isn’t it finding smoking wood? 

Finding the best wood chunks is really important. This is equally responsible for making your BBQ chicken tasty. 

Are you looking for the best place to buy wood for smoking? 

The best place to buy wood for smoking is from a hardware shop/super shop. You’ll get it in the grocery shop too. You can find some on the roadside vendors. Don’t buy wood chunks from them. Making wood chunks by yourself will take so many days, maybe months to be prepared. But it will be worth it. 

This is just an overview. You need more and more information to pick the best place. 

Hop into my cycle to go through the whole thing!

Best Place To Buy Smoking Wood

If your smoking wood chunks aren’t good enough, then most of the BBQ will go to wastage. Most people ignore it but it is not a matter to be ignored.


Proper wood chunks will provide you with a good smoke. And this will help you to enhance the flavor and texture of the BBQ. 

A lot of things depend on the wood that you’re using to smoke your meat. Sometimes the meat gets too smokey due to using applewood. In that case, you may want to remove the smokey taste from the meat. 

You cannot buy your smoking wood chunks from anywhere. Because not every wood chunk will give the best result.

Then where to buy the best wood chunks? 

Hardware Store

The best place to buy smoking wood is hardware. You will get authentic sellers there. Choosing the best wood is equivalent to good marination. 

Hardware stores or superstores will guarantee you the quality, unlike roadside shops.

Avoid Roadside Vendors

You may come across street-side vendors selling wood-smoking chunks in or near your place but think twice before buying them. 

While these vendors may claim that their smoking chunks are of top standard. You won’t know how well it accomplishes until you cook with it. 

Other distributors’ smoking chunks are typically made from low-grade softwood trees or festering hardwoods, culminating in less taste than Cutting Edge Firewood’s high-quality smoking portions.

Always make sure to choose the appropriate smoking woods. Failing to do so will beat the purpose of a tasty bbq. 

One more method to ignore buying smoking chunks from others is that no one else dries their wood properly before marketing it. 

Because they do not spend the time or interest required to properly dry their wood, their wood smoking chunks have a high permeability. 

And will not destroy as proficiently or serve as an effective of flavored fumes as Cutting Edge Firewood’s kiln dehydrated smoking small pieces.

Online Shops

As the world is further progressing toward digitalization, you can now do almost everything sitting at home. Yes, you can even shop for smoking woods sitting at home. 

Here are some of the best deals I found online for smoking woods: 

  • The Weber Hickory Wood Chunks are considered the perfect smoking woods. It gives your meat a nice flavour without overdoing it too much. 

Can I Make My Own Wood Chunks? 

Some woods are not appropriate for smoking pieces. If you produce the improper sort, you may result in lowered smoking bits that impart an undesirable taste to your meat. 

When fired, many softwoods have bitterness. When used to smoke meat, they impart the same pungent taste on your snacks.

Hardwoods are given preference over softwoods as they have a sweet flavor, a more delightful aroma that enhances the majority of meats. 

Even if you have direct exposure to timber, you must cut it into tiny, 2-inch bits, which necessitates precise cuts that are tough to create with a saw.

Besides that, until you can use your timber bits to smoke meat, they must be dried. You’ll have to use the “air-drying”  technique. 

Until you have entry to a dryers kiln, which can begin taking six to 12 months. That’s probably too long to wait among most home cooks. 

Particularly when there’s a new dish to try or a special event expected to reach. Another frequent complaint about using experienced cooking timber. 

That it is susceptible to fester, arthropods, and fungus, none of which are particularly tasteful.

Purchasing smoking timber bits from Cutting Edge Firewood is a simpler, quicker, secure, and all better choice. 

Best Wood For Smoking


Hickory is the most adaptable option because it can be used to smoke wood in a lot of formats. 

However, the excessively hickory flavor will result in a more pungent odor in your meat. It tastes sweet, savory, and flavorful, with a hint of bacon.


For smoking meat, oak is the unmistakable choice. If you’re new to smoking, this is a perfect way to start. It adds a medium to a rich taste that is rarely arousing.


Maple is one of the most nuanced smoking woods, imparting a more delicate smoke taste. Maple imparts a sweet, light, and mild aroma.


A tough wood with a strong flavor. It is best suited for barbecuing or using in small amounts. It is well-known for being strong, powerful, and one-of-a-kind.


Pecan adds a rich, pleasant, nutty taste. In a real sense, the wood is so sweet that you might want to combine it with a harder wood to maintain the flavor and aroma.


Applewood has a gentle and sweet taste and texture that lends a soothing taste. Apple smoke tastes take time to saturate the meat, so plan on a few hours of smoking time.


An Alder profile that is gentle and sweet. It imparts an intricate and sweet flavor.


Cherry is slight and fruity. And when combined with other hardwoods such as hickory, the two varieties complement each other beautifully.

How To Use Wood Chunks

Sometimes overdone smoke can ruin the dish. Using a good quality offset smoker may help you with that. 

Since you already have some wood bits or are expecting them to arrive, there are a few points to keep in mind about smoking with them:

Prevent Hydration 

Do not soak your wood portions. This will merely lose the heat of your fire and heat up.

Right Time 

Add your finest quality portions just before introducing your meat or vegetables. Good bits will activate rapidly and burn gradually, giving you scrumptious wood flavor all across your dish.

Choose Your Heating Element

Choose your heating element optionally, you can cook solely with wood bits. Because of its taste, oak is generally the best timber for this cooking method, but you can use oak as a core and then add other species for taste.

How To Choose Wood For Smoking

Once you’ve decided on the good recipe, it’s time to select your smoking timber for the smoker. When looking through wood chunks, keep the following in mind:

Purchase from credible, high-quality firewood and wood chunk resellers.


When choosing your wood bits, keep the type of meat you’re smoking and the preferred taste characteristics in mind.

Grill chips are too tiny and rapidly destroy to ash, releasing no aroma apart. Adhere with chunks instead.

Select kiln dehydrated smoking chunks over experience to guarantee your wood is free of fungal disease, mildew, and rot.

That’s all!


Let’s view some frequently asked questions. 

What is the best size of timber for smoking?

All you have to do is 2 or 3 of the following: Since wood chunks are so vast, you only need 2-bits for a savory dish. More Taste diversity: Wood is made up of both timber and sapwood, and the best taste is obtained when both are present. Chunks combine the two in a specific piece.

How long can wood bits be stored in a smoker?

Top-notch cooking bits will activate rapidly and heat up gradually. Delivering smoky flavor from the outset and enduring the duration of your cook. You’ll end up losing 20-30 minutes of smoking time if you put the bits on too soon. When smoking chunks become charcoal then it is no longer useful.

Is it preferable to smoke with wood chips or wood chunks?

The primary distinction is that chips radiate more heat than chunks. If you’re only going to use a bunch or 2 of chips for light fumes for about 20 minutes, the burn rate won’t be a factor. However, if you want to smoke your meals for 1 hour or more, chunks will be much more efficient.

Last Words

That is all about the best place to buy wood for smoking. I hope you’re now clear regarding where to get your smoking woods from.

Hoping these will help you make the BBQ party easier.

Happy BBQ Partying!

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