Best Blackstone Griddle Cover Review


You prefer your grilling gear to be ready to use, whether you use it many times in the week or perhaps once in a while. It should be clean, rust-free, and effective. 

That’s why it’s important to secure your barbecue with a high-quality grill cover that keeps it safe from the elements, including rain, cold, direct sunshine, pests, rats, and debris.

Buying a grill cover from the same manufacturer as your barbecue is the simplest option. Grill covers are available from Traeger, Weber, and Blackstone. 

If you know the right specs for your grill, you may typically save some money by purchasing a generic cover. Make a note of a grill’s size, thickness, and height when you go shopping.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the greatest grill covers, primarily from Blackstone. These covers are manufactured specifically for Blackstone griddles.

So, pick your one after reading our Blackstone griddle cover review guide.

Comparison Table

Blackstone 5482 36″ Griddle Hood Cover

Product Overview

Your Griddle is protected by Blackstone! When the lovely barbecue season is over, the Griddle will be out in the cold for months and years to come. If essential measures are not taken, issues like rubbish harming the grates, bugs constructing nests inside the grates, and rain damaging your Griddle may occur.

So, to solve this problem this amazing Blackstone 36 inch griddle cover comes in handy for you. 

This cover won’t allow the sun, rain, snow, dust, filth, or grime to spoil your costly investment. The “Blackstone 5482 Griddle Hood Cover” efficiently covers and protects your Griddle from Mother Nature’s severe pressures.

Also, the griddle cover is made of heavy-duty fabric and can withstand battering without fading out. The all-weather material prevents fading and cold cracking, while the double-layered design and reinforced stitching keep the fabric from breaking.

Furthermore, this heavy-duty Griddle cover’s strong poly-resin fasteners clip below the griddle bottom and keep the cover tight when it becomes too windy. And, the cover’s buckle fastening also makes it simple to put on and take off.

This Blackstone Griddle cover is made specifically for the Blackstone 36″ Griddle featuring Shelf as well as the Blackstone Tailgater. The Griddle cover is available in a neutral black shade which will complement any backyard and patio décor. 

And, the form-fitting nature of this BBQ Griddle cover gives it a sleek, sophisticated, and polished appearance.


  • Offer great protection.
  • Reliable & durable.
  • Elegant & sleek.
  • Keep out the elements.
  • Waterproof.
  • Windproof.


  • Only for a 36-inch griddle.

Blackstone 1529 Griddle Cover

Product Overview

By functioning as a weather shield, this Blackstone griddle cover can protect and prolong the life of your griddle. The Griddle will be kept clean and secure in the backyard until it’s time to Griddle again. 

This improved Griddle cover protects your Griddle from the following: Rain, storm, snow, corrosion, wind, dust, tree pollen, bugs, leaves, dirt, and the sun are all factors that affect the environment.

The nicest thing about this cover is that it isn’t distracting. The buckle clamp secures the griddle beneath it, preventing it from drifting away in the breeze. This gasoline Griddle cover is all black and boasts an eye-catching Blackstone logo in the center.

Plus, it’s easy to wear on and take off. The cover fastens with a buckle, making it easy to put on and take off. Despite being composed of double-layered canvas fabric, the griddle cover is adaptable and easy to use.

It’s easy to clean and keep up with. Spills, dirt, and dust may all be wiped or hosed off. Designed to endure the worst weather and conditions. 

It’s a cover that can resist any weather condition. In hot conditions, it will not fade, and in extreme cold, it will not crack.


  • Offers supreme protection.
  • Resists blowing away from the wind.
  • Reliable.
  • Looks great!
  • It’s waterproof.


  • Compatibility issue.

Blackstone 17-Inch Griddle Cover 

Product Overview

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly grill cover that also allows you to carry some minor accessories, this Blackstone 17-inch Griddle Cover is a wonderful choice. 

Here, it includes a thermometer for checking the temperature of your grilled dishes as well as a brush for cleaning your grill quickly and efficiently. You also receive a set of hands for turning and removing foods from the grill.

For your Blackstone 17″ Tabletop Griddle, this 2-piece pack contains a cover and a separate travel case. It is weather-resistant canvas & heavy-duty zippers are used. 

Added to this option, the entire cover is a rain-resistant dual-layer. Plus it’s manufactured with an extra heavy custom design. It’s made to match the Blackstone 17″ tabletop griddle carry bag.

When you’re using this cover, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your griddle out on the patio again with the Blackstone 17″ Griddle. So, you can just wrap it in a Blackstone Griddle cover to keep it safe all year.


  • It’s custom-designed. 
  • Weather Resistant.
  • There’s a carry bag attached to it.
  • It’s an extra heavy-duty canvas.


  • This cover is smaller than the others on this list.

Blackstone 1724 Cover

Product Overview

Next up, we have the Blackstone1724 griddle cover that’ll protect and maintain your griddle. This weather-resistant cover is made of 600D polyester featuring reinforced stitching. This will protect your griddle from the elements.

Here, these weather-resistant covers are designed to fit 22-inch Blackstone Tabletop Griddles that protect them all the time. Also, it’s 19″ in width, 22.5″ in-depth, and 9″ in height. So, you get a clear idea about the dimension. 

Similar to some of the products, this particular griddle cover comes with sturdy poly-resin buckles clipped below the griddle bottom. These keep the cover tight when it becomes too windy. Another thing is that the cover’s buckle fastening also makes it simple to put on and take off.

That said, the griddle cover is a neutral black color that will blend well with any patio or backyard décor. Also, the form-fitting nature of this BBQ Griddle cover gives it a sleek, sophisticated, and polished appearance.


  • Fits in well with the decor.
  • Protects against the wind.
  • The buckle clips keep everything tight. 


  • Isn’t the largest one on the list.

Unicook Griddle 36 Inch Cover

Product Overview

Presenting our next cover! The Unicook is our top value selection for the finest BBQ grill cover if you’re seeking present ideas. Here, it’s compatible with leading grill manufacturers like Weber and Nexgrill.

Moreover, it’s made of water resistance which keeps rain and snow off the grill. Here, this cover is designed to accommodate small gas or charcoal grills.

Also, the Unicook covers are manufactured of a revolutionary fade-resistant fabric. And, they would not fade in the scorching heat of the summer or collapse in the bitter cold of winter.

Moreover, they’ll endure far longer than other grill covers on the market. Added to this, the cover has handles and straps. And, these straps are easy to use.

Also, the cover has stronger fabric handles enabling easy fit & removal. The handles may be used as a loop for hanging. On windy days, the attaching straps on both sides give a tailored fit and stable protection.

On top of this, a dedicated 12-inch-high support rod raises the cover inside the middle. This prevents it from hitting the oily griddle top and accumulating water and debris. 

But, we’ll advise you yet again to maintain a clean grill in all weather situations. Another intriguing feature is indeed the fade-resistant materials, that will remain as black as midnight in years to come. This is because the cover will not discolor in the sun. 

Hence, this grill cover hangs nearly to the floor and fits freely out over the grill to give more protection than any of its competitors. 

Lastly, it also contains 1.5-inch thick straps that you can use to secure the covering to the grill & keep it in place.


  • Fits top-of-the-line barbecues from companies like Weber.
  • It’s made of a water-resistant and fade-resistant fabric.
  • Fasteners for mounting to the grill are included.
  • On either side, there are built-in straps.


  • For certain grills, it may be too small.

Blackstone 1182 Grill/Griddle Carry Bag

Product Overview

Carry your 28-inch Blackstone griddle and grill tops in style with this robust, durable carry bag made just for Blackstone items. We’re below the list but this product has a lot of things to be impressed about. 

Here, the Webbed handles give a secure hold, as well as the bag is fastened with two robust zippers. It also includes a built-in compartment for any cooking equipment you bring. But, keep note that the bag is made to fit a 28″ griddle/grill, therefore it will be somewhat larger than the griddle/grill.

Other than that, the Blackstone 28′′ Grill Top is specially designed to suit the Blackstone 28′′ Griddle/Grill Base. Here, it even has a 478-square-inch cooking surface, a nonstick-coated wire grill, and a windy screen as well as a drip tray.

This heavy-duty, weather-resistant cover will keep your 28-inch Blackstone Griddle Grill Station safe. That’s the most important concern of yours, we know! And, we believe that this griddle cover should remain standing even in heavy winds because of the robust poly-resin fasteners that clip below.

Honestly, it is weatherproof and it comes with a dual-layer with UV protection to keep the sun at bay. Added to that, the storage and transporting are made simple with dual heavy-duty zippers with webbed handles. 

Lastly, there’s even a built-in compartment for any cooking accessories you’d like to bring.


  • Durable design. 
  • Easily portable
  • It’s weather-resistant.
  • Extra pockets ensure extra storage.


  • Isn’t very versatile with the size.

Blackstone Signature Black 1730 Set-600 D 

Product Overview

Time for the last one! The “Blackstone Tailgater Combo Carry Bag Set” was developed specifically for the Blackstone tailgater combination. Here, it’s heavy-duty and weather-resistant, like the others. So, that’s nice! 

Besides this, in this bag, commercial-grade zippers and carry straps are used. This means it’s quite a durable bag. And, it’s quite reliable. 

This pair of carrying bags are made specifically for the Blackstone Tailgater. It’s now simpler than ever to store and transport your stuff! The griddle, grill, and drip trays are kept in one bag, while the Tailgater is kept in the other.

Using this bag, you can protect your barbecue and griddle, whether for storage or transportation. The bags are constructed of 600 D polyester and have reinforced corners. Various grills & burners of comparable size and form may fit under this cover.

Also, maintain the condition of your Tailgater and protect it from the weather such as rain or wind. These backpacks are made to withstand the elements and protect you from the elements.


  • Portable
  • Keeps everything organized. 
  • Offers superior protection.
  • Weather-resistant. 
  • Versatile.


  • Doesn’t feel premium.

Buying Guide

A griddle cover is a useful piece of equipment for protecting your grill from the elements and keeping it in good condition. This also protects the barbecue or barbeque from harm such as a malfunctioning automated ignition button.

Now, there is a range of sizes, materials, and features available for these coverings. Choosing between them isn’t as easy as it appears. A poor decision might result in a waste of money or increase the chance of damage to your grill.

The elements listed below should be considered while selecting the finest grill cover-


This is the most important component to examine because it defines the product’s quality and durability. Grill covers come in three different materials: vinyl, polyester, and canvas. 

So, check the thickness of the material once you’ve decided on it. It is denoted by the letter D. (Dernier). The material would be thicker if indeed the D number is higher.

The material used to make the griddle cover determines its quality and price. Grill covers are typically made of one of three materials: vinyl, polyester, or canvas.

  • Vinyl coverings are waterproof, they’re great for grills that aren’t protected by a covered porch or patio. However, not even all vinyl covers are made equal. So, look for vinyl covers that are at least 12-gauge to better survive the environment and usage. Thin vinyl is more likely to fracture and develop holes.
  • Polyester is a material commonly for griddle covers because of its weather resistance. Polyester isn’t naturally waterproof, therefore it’s frequently coated with a PVC coating to make it resistant to UV radiation and water.
  • Because canvas is strong, sturdy, and waterproof, it is employed in high-end grill covers. Canvas will protect your grill from the elements and can endure extreme heat and cold.


A good grill covers sizing not just to protect the grill and also leaves 1 or 2 two inches of additional room to provide for optimum ventilation and condensation protection. 

If you’re concerned about the dimensions of the grill cover, we recommend looking into customized choices. Some third-party vendors provide grill covers that are compatible with specific models and brands.

Optional Extras

Extra features on higher-end grill cover boost performance and use. Many coverings have windows or pockets to allow for ventilation and avoid rust-causing moisture from accumulating beneath the cover. 

Some barbecues contain compartments where you may keep your grilling accessories. Other features include cushioned handles that make it simpler to grip the grill cover while removing or replacing it.


If not maintained properly, even heavy-duty covers may fail. Periodically scrub your cover with a light soap to clean oil or grime, and rinse with such a hose. 

Then, allow it to dry before replacing this on the griddle to avoid moisture accumulation within the cover. Wipe the grill outside on a regular basis to prevent dirt from spreading to the cover.

UV Protection

If your grill is shaded from the sun by such a porch overhanging, you’ll need a UV-protected grill cover. Many grill covers include UV-resistant coatings that help to extend the life of the cover by keeping it from breaking due to exposure to the sun. 

Here, the cover will also be protected from fading with a protective coating.


Do grill covers keep moisture in the grill?

The covers can retain humid air in damp regions, enabling moisture to accumulate between both the cover as well as the grill. Most grill covers contain air vents to allow damp air escape. This is also why the skirt of the grill cover should be a few inches from the ground so let air circulate up into the cover.

What’s the most effective technique to maintain a griddle cover in place?

Wind may wreak on a griddle cover, having fallen off or resting incorrectly on the grill. Search for grill coverings with side hook-and-loop straps as well as a skirt with drawstrings. These should aid in the retention of the cover.

How do individuals wash a griddle cover?

As most griddle covers are stain and water-resistant, you can simply rinse them with a hose to clean them. Wash the cover gently with light dish soap to remove oil or dirt, then rinse. Let the cover be completely before replacing that on the grill to avoid water becoming trapped between both the cover as well as the grill. The rusting of the grill might be caused by trapped water.

Final Words

Well, we tried to give you enough information about the best cover in our Blackstone griddle cover review. We listed the most popular and best overs for you. Those are in different sizes.

You can choose any of these covers. If you want something different. You can rely on our buying guide. That’s all for today. You may post a comment below if you do have any questions about this issue. Have a wonderful day!

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