9cr18mov Vs vg10: Which One Should I Choose?

As a kitchen person, it is quite natural to be concerned about your kitchen knife. And without a doubt, it is the most common utensil and important at the same time. 

But knives can be of different types so you become confused about choosing. And knives like 9cr18mov and vg10 are very hard to choose.

So, which one to choose between 9cr18mov vs vg10?

The steel properties of VG10 are way better than that of 9cr18mov. However, the price of 9cr18mov knives is way more reasonable than that of VG10 knives. In addition to that, the knife blade of 9cr18mov is great too. These have sharp curvy edges. But VG10 blades are thicker than 9cr18mov.

Do not think that is all you need. But we got here everything in detail that you need to know.

So, get started now!

9cr18mov Vs vg10: A Head to Head Battle

A brief summary always give you a heads up to the main part. And here is a brief comparison of their features.

Steel PropertiesHighVery High
Knife BladeCurvy and SharpThicker
HoldabilityEasy Moderate

So, this gives you a better start to the comparison. Let’s take a quick glance at this graph for a head to head comparison:

Now let’s get into the details!

9cr18mov Vs vg10: A Detailed Comparison

Here, we discussed all their features in detail, differentiating them. Take a look.

Source: gearbest.com

Steel Properties

Steel properties can make a knife either an ideal or below-average one. This indicates the toughness, strength, and rigidness of a knife. So, what are the steel properties of 9cr18mov Vs vg10?

So, let’s have a look at that.

It might sound unusual but good steel properties can even help enhance the knife grip. So that you can cut like a pro using a knife.

9cr18mov Vs vg10

Chromium and carbon are abundant in 9cr18MoV. It contains about 1% carbon and has the highest strength of 60HRC. This makes it difficult, as it has a high Edge Retention.

9cr18MoV has a high corrosion resistance since it contains 18 percent chromium. Because of the combination of Carbon, Chromium. And also a small amount of Vanadium, because it has excellent wear resistance (0.12 percent ). 

The harder the steel, the more difficult it is to sharpen it, according to the rule. Because 9cr18Mov has a moderate hardness, sharpening it will be difficult. 

Steel, in general, does not have high rigidity, corrosion resistance, or tenacity all at once. 

The 9cr18MoV has lower tenacity and has a higher hardness and corrosion resistance. This is a good one that can withstand low-to-moderate impact.


The VG 10 is a hard steel with a 60 HRC hardness and excellent edge holding. The VG10’s outstanding corrosion resistance is demonstrated by its 15.5 percent chromium content. 

That is why it is regarded as one of the most corrosion-resistant steel. However, that doesn’t imply it’s impervious to rust. 

Source: kabukiknives.com

The wear resistance of VG10 steel is excellent. Because it is high-end steel with a large carbon volume. It is made of hard steel due to the mixture of VG 10 steel. 

It’s also simple to sharpen at the same time. As a result, sharpening the VG10 won’t be as difficult. 

The VG10 is fairly easy to machine and grind. The VG10 steel is tough stainless steel with high chromium content.

That’s why professionals love to use the VG10 knives. 

Winner: Although both knives have similar steel properties, VG10 wins in this. Because the chromium content is quite high in these knives.

Price And Maintenance

You can never overlook the price while buying something. And knives can generally vary a lot in price ranges. 


The 9cr18mov knives are generally quite reasonable. Although the price of these knives may vary a bit, these are not that expensive.

The starting price of these knives is around $15. As you go higher, the price can go up to $30 as well.

So, you can expect to spend reasonably if you plan to buy these knives. And these knives do not have any maintenance expense at all.


Unlike the 9cr18mov knives, VG10 knives are a bit expensive. You need to reconsider your budget if you plan to buy these knives.

Because the minimum you might need to spend for these knives is around $50. And if you go even higher, it can exceed $100 too. 

You may sometimes need to wash these knives with lemon and warm water. You might need a cleaner for these knives. But you must make sure about its proper maintenance.

Winner: In terms of the pricing, 9cr18mov wins over VG10. This is because these knives are way more reasonable than VG10 knives.

Knife Blade

You must not forget to see the differences between the blades. Because these are as important as the other features, if not more.

Whether it’s an 8-inch or 9-inch knife, this is important.


9cr18mov knives are shorter Japanese knives than chef knives. It’s suited for tiny things, such as veggies. 

One thing to keep in mind. Peeling shrimp is possible with these knives. As a result, you should aim for a blade that is roughly 5 inches long. 

9cr18mov blades usually have a curved edge and are composed of high-carbon steel. These knives, however, are no less sharp than the others. 

It’s understandable if you’re unsure how to utilize a 9cr18mov knife. These knives can be used in the same way as the others. 

With speed, the chopping action would be vertical and typical. If you want to go fast, though, these can be effective.

Source: theworldmaterial.com

In the long run, they will have an advantage. The edge is sharpened to a 15 to 17-degree angle, as with other Japanese blades.

You can also precisely cut meats. In a nutshell, this is done with a 9cr18mov knife. This can also be used as a meat cutter. However, there are other applications for the 9cr18mov knife.

Just like in the differences between bread lame and knife, size plays a big role here as well.


The blade of a VG10 will be significantly bigger. The length of these blades is around 13 inches. 

Furthermore, the blades can be 6 to 8 inches in length. And here is the size of a regular VG10 knife. It’s easy to use a VG10 knife. VG10 blades are typically thick. 

As a result, you should only use these knives to chop commonplace items. However, this is also known as sharp VG10. 

Winner: In terms of this feature, we choose 9cr18mov knives. Because these knives have kind of sharp curvy edges. But VG10 knives have comparatively thicker ones.

Which One To Choose?

If you are still confused about making the final decision, it’s okay. Because these knives are very similar to differentiate. So, here’s our final contrast.

Steel properties being the priority would go to the VG10 knife. But if you think price and knife blade are your concern then go for 9cr18mov.

So, that is how you can make up your mind for the final decision.

Finally, take a look at this table for an overall summary of the two knives:

Hope this helps!


What steel is in vg10 knives?

The vg10 knives have super steel of cutlery grade. This means these knives are highly rust-resistive and long-lasting. The term VG stands for V Gold which tries to resemble the quality of this knife. It is manufactured in Japan with a high carbon content of carbon. 

Is vg10 a hard knife?

Yes, vg10 knives are quite hard when you operate. However, these knives are not that heavy to use. You can operate them easily. The content of aluminum in this knife makes it quite sturdy. In addition, these knives also have Molybdenum which strengthens the knives to a good extent.

Is 9cr18mov a hard or soft knife?

The knife, 9cr18mov is a quite hard one. The extent and content of carbon in these knives are ample. Moreover, the aluminum content is also significant which makes it hard and rigid. It has a hardness of 60 HRC to the highest. In addition, these knives have also got good retention.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose between 9cr18mov vs vg10! We do not think we have left you out with any more confusion.

Remember one thing. Do not ever keep your knives wet after you use them for anything. This can put on stains and get rust gradually.

All the best with your kitchen stuff!

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